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OKay! Hope you have read my post on Ayam Lejen . If you didn’t,,, go back to my previous posts and read it !!! hahahaha … and my other previous posts also. Dotty’s was part of my kl food plan when i plan to come down . It was also one of my bestie birthday as well so we (close friends) decided to throw her a lil surprise. I was supposed to meet her like on a random meet up since i am down in Kl . But then who knows she on the other hand didn’t know a group was waiting behind her back to celebrate her birthday. I randomly searched on a good place for tea time in Kl with a must try background research as i am into trying new things. And hence a few came up to the listing of my Google search. Thank to Google!!!! Dotty’s caught my eye as i am into vintage based interior designing cafes and definitely good pastries and coffee. I read a couple of reviews and they had pretty much good plus points. Decision made, i decided to call the cafe and make my bookings. The person in charge was so kind enough to take my reservation as they strictly say they don’t take reservation and is based on walk ins only. I really cant do walk ins as i was coming from Johor and i will be devastated to not get a sit in this cafe. The supervisor was wiling to reserve a table for us providing we come early . I really thank God for his favor as i definitely know cafes in KL which has a large amount of customers die die also wouldn’t let you do any reservation. This cafe is definitely one of the must go back cafes for me.

Anyways, most of my friends came from different part of KL and i myself came straight from the fried chicken festival that they had in KL so imagine my agenda of the day.. So hectic but full of food and fun. Later only GYM lahh…hahahaha… moving on… So we all gathered at Dotty’s and thankfully the birthday girl had some errands to run and she was kinda late so it was a good surprise for her. The boss actually kept for us all the signature pastries which again made me felt so special. They treated us so well. 100% for their hospitality and services.The place is small but always is full house. So be prepared to line up and don’t be rude. Just wait for your turn because the food is memang sedap ok???

We got to try their custard flavored with salted egg yolk, slightly more sweet than savory which costs about RM11. The cronut (croissant + doughnut ) is soft on the inside like a doughnut and flakey on the outside like a croissant. If you haven’t tried this amazing yet delicious stuff , you don’t know what you’re missing out on. The salted egg yolk mix has a smooth texture and there is a mix of saltiness to give you the hype of eating. We also get to try their Salted Egg Yolk Charcoal Cruffin (RM10). There isn’t much of the strong charcoal flavor , but its less sweet than the cronut and is balanced well with the salted egg yolk mix on top. We had other pastries which were fruit based and caramelious coma and i don’t know what else to say.. It was too GOODDDD!!!!! Can you just go and try it yourselves?? hahahahaha

We were satisfied at the end and her cake came out just in time . I will definitely recommend you guys to go and try this place out.


Address: 20, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

7D 6N Itinerary in Seoul | carol_herbert



Many of you that are following would know i travel a lot and had done so many reviews based on what i experienced and encounter with.

Here is the summary of my travel experiences in Korea for week. You will have to click in the links to read on more . Traveling in Korea is a one major decision i made. I hope some of the places I went and explored could help some of you travelers. I blog for fun and always write straight forward.

Day 1

Korea Day 1: Chungmuro Station + Come On Guesthouse + Namsan Tower


Day 2

Korea Day 2 : Gyeongbokgung Palace + Bukchon Hanok Village + Dongdaemun Design Plaza & Park


Day 3 + 4

Korea Day 3 + 4 : Jeonju + Hanok Village + Happy Memory


Day 5

Korea Day 5 : Nami Island + Petite France


Day 6

Korea Day 6 : Lotte World


Day 7

Korea Day 7 : Incheon International Airport 


pack and head back home 🙂

Please do share your stories with me . I would love to hear from you and your amazing journey on what different experiences you had. It will be fun !

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Blessed Birthday | carol_herbert

Happy Birthday Malaysia!!! It was the 16th of September. One of the coolest date that we have in Malaysia. Firstly, it is a public holiday due to the commemoration of the establishment of the Malaysian federation on the same date in 1963. It marked the joining together of Malaya, North Borneo, Singapore and Sarawak to form Malaysia. Secondly, it is of course definitely my birthday..HAHAHA!!!! Yes, thanks to me the malaysia day baby, we all have public holiday on this cool day.


Anyways, i had so much plannings to meet up with so many people but some had to postpone as time wasn’t enough. I went back home earlier on the 15th of September to avoid the rush hour so called peanut-butter jam in Malaysia. I had to fetch my aunt from JB town and head back home to Melaka. Thank God we reached like on time and there weren’t much of a jam. When i reached home, my parents were already waiting for us to bring both me and my aunt for dinner. Hungry die us. I was like after work and i already celebrated my lunch birthday with my colleagues.


matcha ice cream




Below picture is my father’s side of family. My aunts and cousins all in total, we celebrated earlier , all the Sept babies at my cousin’s house. We had like a get together and lunch.



This was at Hard Rock cafe melaka. Birthday dinner.





That night we went to Jonker street in Melaka to walk around and shop a lil. Too many people but it was a fun night out. You can check Hard Rock Cafe out and try as their ambiance is super cool and they have an awesome bar. Rock ’n’ roll-themed chain based cafe with a high-energy vibe serving burgers & American classics.


Hard Rock Cafe Melaka

Address: 28, Lorong Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia


The Dating Manifesto (Part 2) | carol_herbert


This was full of ambiguity. Ready or Not? Not ? Maybe yes? HMMM not too sure.. It’s a date, date? Or is it a marriage linked in date? Complicated it seems , but still humans..could you at least give yourself a break? Come on..Its just a freaking dinner. Besides, one needs to date with maturity. This is coming from a biblical view okay. If you want to debate about how the “world-ly” people date , then you can comment below and share your opinions. It is a free world so yeah..Take it or leave it. It is non of my business to care about what you feel because at the end it is you who decides. I am only here trying to share what i have learned and maybe could be of help to certain people who are struggling.

Below are the markers to guide you :-

  1. Understand and live out a biblical worldview – Always be knowledgeable on God’s word. The elders always remind us to do with God’s wisdom and fear.Yes, we may be living in the world, but try not to be of the world. The world God created before wasn’t this pathetic . Now, seeing the world, i myself am afraid of where it is heading towards.
  2. Be accountable to a local church – Be attached to a local church and get connected to the leaders or mentors that could help guide you through. We might be egoistic towards people who are trying to teach us life but trust me, we do need some advice and teaching along the way. Keep you ego aside and be teachable.Many churches here in Malaysia do have mentor-ship* in church and the mentor is to look out for you and groom you to be a leader in the coming years. This is like a life cycle and once you are ready you can lead others.
  3. Learn life skills and shoulder responsibility – Be responsible in a date or relationship. Don’t always wash hands if problem arises . Life isn’t a green path where you have nothing to worry about. Being single is a way for you to walk life with meaningful and purpose and before you get attached , at least there are certain things you could be proud of. Life skills could be anything. Life a purposeful life.
  4. Contribute and lead right where you are – My parents brought me up in a way that i must always contribute wherever i go and whatever i do. Living in this modern world, it is always the best to have a good mindset to keep the active human body going. Being a leader in church, means you have people looking up to you and you must always be the comfort zone , where people could actually look up to and tell their problems. Being in a relationship is also the same. You can be just accepting ones leadership. You also need to contribute and lay ideas and thoughts to keep the ball rolling and to make things interesting.
  5. Grow healthy relationships with family,friends,neighbor and co-workers – It is good to have good relationship with whoever you get in contact with. You will never know at some point in life , you will need them. If you have problems, sort them out. Forgive and give in. Life is short my dear people.
  6. Actively pursue marriage and family , or the next stage of life – This is like dating with direct. Date a person and have the intention to see a future. I mean , if it is like during teenagers time, then it isn’t worth. But in adulthood, time is precious. We wouldn’t want to waste our time going on dates and in the end we are both friend-zoned. Life is super exciting and you definitely need to go up to the next level. Keeping yourself at the same level wouldn’t help.

The Dating Manifesto (Part 1) | carol_herbert

The last weekend i drove up to Kuala Lumpur for a conference that was held at Glad Tidings Petaling Jaya. The conference was all about dating and how we suck at it and how we get our games on back. It was a hard reality check for most singles’ as the point Lisa(the speaker) told us was like a slap on the face. I mean like a wake up call sort of. She started by talking about how your love life sucks or you don’t even have a love life. Below are the valid reasons why :-

  1. You’re waiting for THE ONE! (This is just plain crazy.We are so highly influenced by media that we are so focused that we are destined to THE ONE and he will come through our path some how and we will know it or assume God will bring one. The understanding is just wrong. Even i got it wrong. There isn’t such a One but find One and make the person your ONE. See the difference? It is based on your mind and how you see it from maturity. When love comes,you will be blinded. Always make sure you choose wisely. There will be baits so called guys coming after you. But you can’t just wait at the corner for the ONE to come and say he is the One. What if he isn’t? Many things can happen but when you take One and own it and make it yours, it will make a difference.
  2. You haven’t grown up yet!(This applies to all. You could be 40 years old but still act like a child. Suck it up. You need to grow and mature. Think ahead. Plan ahead. Not just simple date and say bye the next minute. Boys be a man. Ladies be a woman. Guys , you mainly need to do more stuff. Examples like holding the door , paying for the meal(i mean like for the few dates that you are still getting to know her or interested in her), lead things and be a gentleman. Lisa told one thing that was on point. We woman are independent and we can stand on our legs but still when it comes to a date, men needs to lead and be domain. Don’t ever let the girls take out her purse to pay unless you are really broke .. HA HA.. anyways,, just be a gentleman lah..It would hurt right? In a relationship or family, the man leads and the woman summits herself to him. It isn’t vice versa you know. Read your bible people. I wouldn’t want to date a guy where i am the one always planning and leading. It is exhausting you know.
  3. You aren’t dating!(This is so me..haha..I mean i have invites, but i tend to not go. I reject some guys just because I am not just into them. You get what i meant. But it was so wrong. I am limiting guys from me and it is bad. You can reject but not until you reject all. Even guys,please i know that you are sometimes afraid of commitments and stuff but come on!! It is just dinner and getting to know one another.Lisa made it clear that you can reject (i mean the girls) but then what if the there isn’t any guys asking the girls out. Is that another problem? So complicated right? That is why we don’t go on dates. We both(girls and guys) analyze stuff too much and keep rejecting and keep not asking people out is such a big mistake. Go out and have fun. Life is short. But always remember to do it with God’s fear.
  4. Your dating is directionless! (Date someone when you have the intention to marry. Or maybe there is a direction towards where you are planning to. Don’t date with no focus. Don’t date just because you feel lonely. Date with commitment. It is serious guys. If you are heading towards your 30s’ , you will know how desperate it is to know that your friends are all getting babies and married and you are still at the same spot doing nothing. Date with a same passion. Date with having the same heart to serve God.
  5. You’re stuck in a friendlationship! (Friendzone case. We are kinda living in society where everyone is your friend. Even guys. You can do stuffs with them. Hang out and talk serious business. But this kind of friendship might be dangerous. We need to at least filter and give space . If every guy is your friend , you will never go on dates , like a one to one. Because the guy will feel the same, as you..I am just hanging out* so what is the big deal right? So it is tough but yea, girls please..get a life..not all can be friends..Limit and filter and maybe some will ask you out.

The full explanation you can read up from here. Check out the organization(Boundless) to help all single people out there that are lost.