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Strawberries were our breakfast and I went to get my coffee at one the back lane cafes they had. Once I got my coffee, we headed to the subway to get our butts to Lotte World. From Chungmuro, we took the subway towards Dongdaemun Historical Park and then headed to Jamsil. Jamsil is much nearer to Lotte World. We had to find South Gate Entrance in order to get into the theme park. When we reached Lotte World, it was like a mall attached to a hotel attached to a shopping area. I was pretty confused and was kinda walking all around following Evon.hahahahha…We stopped by a accessories shop that were having 50% discounts. Crazily bought some accessories and then headed to get our tickets. Once we entered, the feeling was as if I was entering Disneyland in LA. I was so excited. We got the map and got ready to play all the games and crazy out of this world rides and thank goodness the que wasn’t too long. God’s mercy is always with us. We went on rides and roller coasters and I bet Erica and Elaine were scared to death. I need to get a gopro soon for our next adventure then only I can capture all those crazy rides we went on. The main rides were outdoors and were called Magic Island. It was freezing but we enjoyed all the rides.









We left for Myeongdong after that. We had dinner at one of the Chinese restaurant and went on mainly for the street food. We shopped till we dropped in Myeongdong. Like seriously!!! I went to get my Innisfree products and got some tax refund. Not bad huh?? I also got some masks and some face soaps also. Evon and I went and tried this grilled lobster with cheese.










It cost us about 15000won, meaning about RM60 so we had to share. It was too ridiculous for us to pay each for a lobster. Hence, we decided to share. Two bites gone a pay for a day. Sad right .hahaha….what to do?? With our currency dropping, we can’t afford to waste money just like that. We had to choose wisely on what to spend on and what not to. After shopping and eating and being content with whatever we have, we headed back home happily and satisfied. We rushed to pack and had to get ready all our things as we need to wake up early and head out to get the first subway by 5.30am.

Our flight was at 9.30am so we had to be at the airport to check in and make sure we didn’t have to run for our lives as how we did when we took our flight from Malaysia. We bathed and wore whatever we need so that when we get up, we just need to have breakfast and straight check out and head out. What a week of journey we had in Seoul. I lost my dad’s Innisfree at the airport because I forgot to check the facial wash in. It was 180ml and wasn’t allowed in. I pleaded and beg the person but we ought to follow the rules so yeah. I had to throw it away. My money was gone just like that! HMMPPHHH next time, make sure you check your hand carry bag and make sure you don’t carry any liquid more than 100ml. i HAD LEARN A BIG LESSON FROM HERE.

My next trip will be to Krabi, Thailand.

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Lerenne’s Birthday (THANK YOU MOM??) | carol_herbert

This is my precious friend i got hold when i was studying in the University of Nottingham Malaysia campus back in 2013. I didn’t really remember the time or place i met her first but i knew we were in the same orientation room where Prof Mitchel was giving his talk on Psychology and how it affects us in our daily basis in life. He was so focused on optical illusion and trying his very best to get our focus onto that . Adding to that, it was a fun time trying to explore the world of Psychology and learning all those cool theories and experiments kinda made me survive through my university years.

Okay. So enough of the flashback. I met her in my class . I am never too sure how far I could remember but I know I got closer to her during second year or so. I was kinda close to mostly the Chinese group since I could relate to them much easier and I spoke the language.We would work in groups and go to lunch together most of the time. It was a fun and crazy 3 years of university together. Then after we graduated, we both enrolled into a work and travel program in USA as we worked at YMCA of Rockies in Colorado . That was one of the fabulous year. I knew that i experienced snow with her. It was a memory that i will tell my grand-kids about.Then, we ended up working together. I don’t know why but some how we just end up together. Now i am currently staying with her grandma and she is away in Melbourne studying. Life is pretty good for now.

So i planned a dinner with her and brought her to Thank You Mom. This is a famous Korean place where they serve pretty good baked chicken and Tteokbokki with mozzarella Cheese cooked with spicy sauce(spicy die you). Tteokbokki is a popular Korean food made from soft rice cake, fish cake, and the sweet red chili sauce called gochujang. The oven baked chicken, on the other hand has lots of flavors like cheese , original or hot spicy .The flesh of the chicken is very tender and fresh. I like the way it was baked because sometimes people just don’t bake well. Some other shops i go to always got some chickens not baked well and full of blood. That is super gross and i would never recommend anyone to go there. This one you will need to wait approximately 25-45 minutes for the chicken to be cooked. At least you know the meat is well-baked and juicy. They will serve the chicken with a garlic sauce and chili sauce.I always ask for more coz i am just a sauce person. Haahahaha… 😀 Nahhh it’s just i like to flood my chicken with it..The drinks was also good as it was a mixture of fruit flavors with some soda. We ate till our hearts were contained.

The location is just near Johor Bahru Aeon Bukit Indah. It is opposite Jusco and above a pharmacy(2nd level). The sitting places are limited so place a booking before going just to secure a sit. Below are some of the pictures we took for the birthday.Those are some crazy pics and please don’t judge coz we are indeed psychology graduates and life is short. Embrace life and live life . I am just happy that i have crazy friends to spend my life with and enjoy amazing food with.

This isn’t much a review but a little teaser on the shop lah. Just go and check it out. I bet the interior itself will make you like the shop even more. Happy exploring people.



Thank U Mom Korean Style Oven Baked Chicken

Address: 83, Jalan Bukit Indah 15/2, Taman Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru, Malaysia