Korea Day 1: Chungmuro Station + Come On Guesthouse + Namsan Tower | carol_herbert

3am we left for Seremban to park my car so that we could take a Grabcar to Klia2 airport to catch our 7.35am flight. God knows he was searching for my cousin’s house and he was late like almost half and hour. We rush into the car and he drove really carefully. My girls were like are you freakin serious? Can’t you go more than 120 km/h? OMGGEEEE … we were super late and we rushed all the way to check in the bags and we thought that we already checked in right, so no need to go through counter. But who knows we needed to verify our documents just because it’s an international flight. My worlds!!! We literally ran till the boarding gate passing through 2 times of scanning and customs. My goodness!!! Guess what.. the doors were CLOSED!! :.(((((( I was so devastated but really prayed to God to have mercy on us and who knows they let us in. Thank God for that one miracle we had.

We landed about late evening around 3pm and once we cleared customs, we left to take the subway to check in into our guesthouse. The guesthouse was situated near Chungmuro Station and it was kinda funny because we were heading at the wrong directions all the time and had to ask people around to help us find our way. It was almost 1° outside we were frozen like a dead fish. Anyways, we straight checked into Come On Guesthouse (waited for almost few minutes, going to be frozen, managed to settle down) and headed to Namsan Tower. Can you believe we had to explore the tower by climbing dunno how many stairs?? My godddd!!! I don’t know how we survived but we did. As we climbed up slowly (dunno how many hundreds stairs), the view of the entire Seoul took my breath away. It was super pretty and so colorful. I had videos in my Instagram. Go check it out. Half way through we smelled those Korean snacks frying inside a small hut and the smell of coffee at night and it was a luxury. Although I can’t take coffee at night, the smell satisfied my hunger. I just ordered hot chocolate to ease my coldness as we weren’t really adjusting to the coldness there yet.



Up at Namsam tower, I saw many love locks just below the tower, the same ones as in Paris. People were all walking in pairs at least and non-single. I was quite shocked to see the culture there where couples were a dominant race there compared to on gang of friends or even singles. My friends all told me that the norm is to be attached. If you aren’t attached means you are not really doing well and kinda not in the market value, sad but it’s true in Korea. Some of my single Koreans friends feels it when we asked them, why you don’t have bf or gf. Anyways, after reaching the tower, we couldn’t really go in coz the waiting time was 50mins. We decided to just roam around and take pic and head back for dinner.


Dinner wise, we ate nearby our Chungmuro Subway Station, the place where our lodging was. We went to BFC fried chicken and beer place. It was the nearest and easiest to find. Quite a lot of people were eating there too. Thank God we had a place and we dined in hungrily. We ordered some of the most popular marinades for South Korean-style chicken are soy sauce and garlic, but the quintessential flavor which is a sweet and spicy coating chicken with soy sauce. We also ordered fried cheese sticks which are also one of the famous must try dishes in Korea. Variety of side dishes we had and it was satisfying. We went to bed dead tired and we slept well. Thank you Jesus.





For more viewing, you can check out my instagram : www.instagram.com/carol_herbert

Namsan Tower

105, Namsangongwon-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

서울특별시 용산구 남산공원길 105 (용산동2가)

Come Inn Guesthouse

358-91 Seogyo-dong (20-10 Wausan-ro 21-gil), Mapo-gu, Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea


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