The Dating Manifesto (Part 2) | carol_herbert


This was full of ambiguity. Ready or Not? Not ? Maybe yes? HMMM not too sure.. It’s a date, date? Or is it a marriage linked in date? Complicated it seems , but still humans..could you at least give yourself a break? Come on..Its just a freaking dinner. Besides, one needs to date with maturity. This is coming from a biblical view okay. If you want to debate about how the “world-ly” people date , then you can comment below and share your opinions. It is a free world so yeah..Take it or leave it. It is non of my business to care about what you feel because at the end it is you who decides. I am only here trying to share what i have learned and maybe could be of help to certain people who are struggling.

Below are the markers to guide you :-

  1. Understand and live out a biblical worldview – Always be knowledgeable on God’s word. The elders always remind us to do with God’s wisdom and fear.Yes, we may be living in the world, but try not to be of the world. The world God created before wasn’t this pathetic . Now, seeing the world, i myself am afraid of where it is heading towards.
  2. Be accountable to a local church – Be attached to a local church and get connected to the leaders or mentors that could help guide you through. We might be egoistic towards people who are trying to teach us life but trust me, we do need some advice and teaching along the way. Keep you ego aside and be teachable.Many churches here in Malaysia do have mentor-ship* in church and the mentor is to look out for you and groom you to be a leader in the coming years. This is like a life cycle and once you are ready you can lead others.
  3. Learn life skills and shoulder responsibility – Be responsible in a date or relationship. Don’t always wash hands if problem arises . Life isn’t a green path where you have nothing to worry about. Being single is a way for you to walk life with meaningful and purpose and before you get attached , at least there are certain things you could be proud of. Life skills could be anything. Life a purposeful life.
  4. Contribute and lead right where you are – My parents brought me up in a way that i must always contribute wherever i go and whatever i do. Living in this modern world, it is always the best to have a good mindset to keep the active human body going. Being a leader in church, means you have people looking up to you and you must always be the comfort zone , where people could actually look up to and tell their problems. Being in a relationship is also the same. You can be just accepting ones leadership. You also need to contribute and lay ideas and thoughts to keep the ball rolling and to make things interesting.
  5. Grow healthy relationships with family,friends,neighbor and co-workers – It is good to have good relationship with whoever you get in contact with. You will never know at some point in life , you will need them. If you have problems, sort them out. Forgive and give in. Life is short my dear people.
  6. Actively pursue marriage and family , or the next stage of life – This is like dating with direct. Date a person and have the intention to see a future. I mean , if it is like during teenagers time, then it isn’t worth. But in adulthood, time is precious. We wouldn’t want to waste our time going on dates and in the end we are both friend-zoned. Life is super exciting and you definitely need to go up to the next level. Keeping yourself at the same level wouldn’t help.

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