I have just moved into my new house in May and until now i didn’t went to change my residential addresses for all my bank accounts and all government related accounts. I just only realized that my letters were still bill under the old address. So , i started calling up the banks one by one to change my mailing address and all related phone bills or whatever bills lah. It was super annoying because in the end, i still have to go to certain banks to update and definitely my identification card also. Imagine the que at the government offices. You can definitely build leg muscles by queuing up.

I have savings and credit cards in most of the banks here in Malaysia. The banks related are Maybank,Cimb,HSBC,Standard Charted and RHB. Quite a lot right? I had to call and you know right how the customer services answers your call “very fast”? I had to wait about half an hour just to get through them. I am not too sure why is the waiting period long but yeah, imagine if your card get stolen and when you call them, you are put on hold in the waiting line. By the time they answer your call, your card must be used by the third-party within minutes. This is just a wake up call to all banks lah. Imagine if any emergency? How are you gonna answer us? Too many phone calls? Come on lah…You need to develop a better system in order to answer customers faster and efficiently.

I already called Maybank and HSBC. It took me an hour to finish updating my address. Frustrated i felt, i decided to wait till i continue calling the other banks related. I called in to CIMB and for the savings account i could do it online through cimb clicks . The procedure as below.

  1. Log into your cimb clicks account.
  2. Go to the settings and click mailbox.c
  3. Once you clicked into my mailbox, select compose message.c.png
  4. Then a page will appear for you to fill in all your new house details and updates.
  5. Once you are done, just click submit and WALAHHH your address is being updated.

Too bad for credit card you need to go to the bank itself to update or if you want to suffer , call their customer service which will take you hours just for them to answer your call. I am not saying that they should answer us within an instant. But , at least 5 mins is more than a waiting time. Thankful CIMB has this service. Standard Charted also have the same service where you could update it online. The print screen as below. Just follow the instructions . It is easy.

  1.  Log into your account and click your name . It will have a selection to update your personal details.c
  2. Scroll right down and there is a section that you could update all details there.c
  3. Once you have filled in, click the save button and an OTP number will be sent to your mobile for verification. Verify the number and you are done 🙂

I am not too sure about other banks but yeah, i bet some can do it online and some over the phone and at the banks itself. I prefer online based with OTP or TAC number as it is much easier. I can’t be taking leaves just to go update my residential address right? Anyways , hope this post will help some of you that has moved into a new house .


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