Parents’ Day | carol_herbert


sisters’ in Christ (team girls)

On the 25th of June 2016, we celebrated Parents’ day in Church. Here in Malaysia, some churches have this culture, where we celebrate Mothers and Fathers Day together. It is a happy occasion and it kinda saves energy in a way. Energy meaning, during parents’ day, we have lots of stuffs in store. For example, we have band performance, children dance, appreciation video and drama filmed . So we definitely needed to start early practicing and making sure all performances were okay and ready to go. So by doing this in one go, save money and time and energy. Imagine if you would to do Mother’s Day and Father’s Day , you will have to prepare 2 times of presentations and we seriously don’t have the time to do so.

Anyways, we did Guy Sebastian’s Angels Brought Me Here as our band performances. It was superb. The kids did their dance by David Crowder Band (Every Move I Make) and it was a hit. The appreciation video we did, was based on real life stories. On how the children behave from small and till adults. This portray rebels and disobedience but at the end family does matters. SOmehow it got into their heads that life isn’t just about them. They are needed to appreciate their parents as they were the ones who brought them up to where they are now. The video really touched hearts and i pray that children will learn to appreciate their parents teaching and disciplining as this is part of life.

Everyone contributed and it was a success. I hoped that every parent will be blessed by us.


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