Indian Weddings in Malaysia | carol_herbert


Wearing a blue lengha 😀

During Hari Raya, my best friend got married. I have never attended a full ceremony of a Hindu wedding, so i decided now is the time to go and see for myself and get my friend married off. She was the most beautiful bride ever i could imagine. She was wearing a green saree and decorated with flowers. The wedding was the Bomb.



Met my childhood school friends


This gorgeous lady , my high school senior.




Family pic with the wedding gang.

The event started at 6pm. It started with the groom doing his ceremony alone with the priest then only my friend comes in and do her part. After that , they came in together and sat at the wedding platform to be getting ready to marry . They did what the priest ask them to do and then the groom tied the THALI’ around my friend’s neck. It is a symbol that they are married and my friend now is his.

After the ceremony, we all started eating and we had buffet indian food of course. It was a fun night and we all went home happy.

My turn? hahaha..i am guessing ,well not too soon. I am gonna travel soon to Korea and krabi. Lets see whether i can find any groom there.



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