Hari Raya 2016 | carol_herbert


Meet Dr Priya

Hari raya was one happening day for me this year. I was out the whole day long. I kid you not. I went to my friend’s place for tea just to catch up and meet her awesome mum. WE had this awesome masala tea with sandwich. I felt so much love as her mum was so lovely and homely. After that we left to go to Mr Ihsan’s place for lunch. As always, ihsan’s place is like having intellectual raya time. His house has no TV and we kinda were forced to communicate as human beings. Which was very good, I kinda like this set up where family are to communicate and not be yoke by watching all the negativity coming from the outside world. His mum cooked pancakes and sambal. Also i am super touched and loved. I think i ate way too much and my tummy started to feel bloated but i had still one more stop.

We then headed to Noriza’s place. Kinda late. OOpsss…sorry…Noriza was having her engagement the very same day. We were supposed to be there early but then we were kinda late. We arrived like 2pm . The ceremony ended and she was off the market. Sad but happy at the same time. Then we chit chat and talked about life and how time is passing way to fast. We had fun.



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