Love? | carol_herbert


Love is an affection . A feeling that makes your blood rush to your heart veins and arteries , making it pump fast. I can say we all have been there and felt the same way. Whether it comes from parents, siblings or lovers, God loved us first so that we could love others. To me that it one feeling I hate. To be honest. It always breaks my heart when I tend to sin willingly or unwillingly. I mean come on. We are humans and sometimes we act according to the human nature. The brain wants it badly but the heart disagree but who knows, in the end, the brain wins. This is so called a battle within the human body. Then, still you remembered what he did on the cross for our sins. Such an in-filial daughter you would say, but God knows that he gave us a choice to always run back to him.I always run back to him and catch him to make sure he always guide my path although my ways are wrong. God always put himself first and is never a cheat. He is one father who adores his children more than earthly fathers do.


What about parents love? Their love are the most sincere and i kid you not, they worry way too much. Being the only child if you were following my blog , you would know how I am blessed but sometimes stressed! 😀 I am pretty sure you get what I meant. From my experiences, my parents worry way too much but at the same time , they want me to experience the world. Funny isn’t it? My parents grew up in a not so rich family, a moderate one. They basically seen the world differently compared to us the Millennial Generation . My life is always full of happiness as much as my parents are being part of the cause. I grew up to be an independent child knowing my rights and limits. Some people may think, she is the only child, such a spoil brat, but God knows how much disciplining I got from my Dad. He is my dad that loves me more than my Mum.hahaha..She always say she might be his first love but his first first admiration and a real genuine love attachment was me. So called Daddy’s girl, i was raised under his eyes. He taught me how to tackle life issues and always look back to God in thanksgiving. In times of pain and struggle, look upon the Lord . His words of mouth is Godly based which I truly adore sometimes. I myself finds it hard to be always good and connect to God, but my papa reminds me all the time. A good bassist himself, he did good in coaching me. I am not that pro yet but I know one day I will as recognized as him someday.

My mum on the hand, worries the most. She is always asking me all the time where are you and what are you doing..Drive carefully..Watch where you go..Sometimes i wished, she would just put me in a basket behind her and bring me wherever she goes.HAHAHA>>mothers..forever nagging all the way.And adding to that, i was a girl and raised up as a boy. She is even more concerned. Adding to this, she is one mother that cares a lot and loves the hell out of me. A house tutor herself , she is the smart one in the house. My dad is more of the hands on related skilled worker.

I love them both and know that the person i am now is because of them. I don’t have any siblings but I know there is a purpose of that. My parents just wished to have one and to show their love for one. They want to only invest in one which is kinda risky but yeah, its all up to them in raising a child. Raising a child isn’t easy nowadays and money does involve a lot. Even when a child is born, its money related. But , what is more important is the spiritual life of the offspring. To me, i would wanna have at least 2-3 children and live a big medium family. Maybe i was raised up as a small family. Now it’s my turn to raise a family of my own and be ready for challenges.



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