New Year In Singapore 2016 | carol_herbert

Entering the new year with a glimpse of the past makes one treasure life  with precious. Looking back to my past I wondered how I survived the working world and time passes very much quickly. My life as a traveler never ends. I was born to travel. Near or far, cheap or expensive.. life is definitely an adventure and a mystery untold. Singapore is a nation where although it’s tiny, it has served people well and their welfare are definitely well-taken care off. I always make way to travel to many different areas of the same country and make sure I experience things differently. Been there done that. This is the phrase which I would hate to say because most of us travel due to specific places due to recommendations and endorsements by famous people. That is how the world is running for now. Same goes with me. I started following famous travel and food blogs so that when I head to that destination I will enjoy what they enjoyed. But still the excitement of exploring wasn’t much there. Expectations were made high as we read reviews and some get really frustrated when the reviews of good food don’t really match up when it comes to you tasting the food.

Me and my partner in crime, I will call him (PIC) since I prefer him to be unknown for now [ Who knows later if he gets famous, I will lose my exploring partner. HAHA 😀 😀 … ] explored the different parts of Singapore.  We did manage to cover up some of the famous places like Marina Bay, Gardens by the Bay and Flower Dome. Those were like the mandatory to visit if you are a foreigner.


I came in the morning of the new year which was on the 01.01.2016. I prayed really hard that the customs will not be jammed. Thankfully I managed to get out of the Johor traffic jam and customs were cleared within minutes. Plenty of buses for me to take and sorry to say I wasn’t on time due to the traffic. Hoping PIC wasn’t gonna be angry, he was indeed calm at heart.

We started off by taking the MRT to the marina. There was few interchange and I wasn’t quite familiar with the changing of mrt. Plus I kept complaining. Why is there so many people???? Can’t they be sitting at home and relaxing on new year?? ARGHHHH give me a break man…hahaha…PIC eventually got the hang of me complaining and giving excuses for every single thing. Well, at least, I let out my frustrations on his face instead of not enjoy it unwillingly and go home crying. There was a que when we reached Flower Dome and Gardens by the Bay. Bought our tickets fast and head to this 2 places. It was very pretty indeed. So many things to be seen and flowers from different species explored. I am not very much good with plants or flowers but it was an eye opener.


Bought our tickets fast and head to this 2 places. It was very pretty indeed. So many flowers from different species explored and learned I would tell. I am not very much good with plants or flowers but it was an eye opener.

Below was taken in my Samsung semi-pro. Not a professional in editing much but worth the try. Practice do makes it perfect what??


For dinner, we went to Clarke Quay to try one of the restaurants that were recommended. It was a humongous dinner I ever had in my entire 25 years of life. We ordered 2 types of beer, a Caesars’ salad and a burger mushroom that came with this huge fried onions. My goodness. It’s as if I ate for a year of the meal. The taste was ok not really to my expectations but the scenery of night scene was fun. Can you see the picture below? The burger is like almost the size of my head.


Stomachs were filled up, of course, we needed to walk to burn those fats. We took a walk along the Quay and explored all restaurants they had. I was pretty much fascinated with the amount of different kinds of restaurant cultures they have in Singapore. Walking and walking, we came by this river where we got to see this bungee jump which you can throw up just by watching it. I really want to go and try it one day. But not with my stomach full. I will just throw up in air. After walking, we sat by the river and talk till we could feel our stomachs were back to normal and not bloated anymore.

Next day, which was the 02.02.2016, we headed off to Department of Caffeine. I was into this cafe as they have one of the best breakfast in town. Simple architecture and a well-organized system they had in the cafe. Ambiance wise was perfect. Not too crowded and noisy. Apparently, you were needed to place a booking in advance but we didn’t and since we were walk-ins, they had tables separated which was kinda good. At least, they didn’t shoooooo us off, just because I didn’t place any booking. And they didn’t mention about any bookings when I visited their official page. Anyways, we ordered coffee as that is a must for me every morning. Food wise, I ordered Sheppard’s pie and PIC took this a bit of everything, English muffins, ham and smoked salmon, with onsen egg. Brunch was perfect. I was pleased to my heart’s content.


We were actually walking around with our camping items as we were supposed to camp at East Cost Park (ECP) and watch stars at night. But my bad luck, like seriously it was raining the whole day. The day started off wet and we went with a hope that the rain will stop but yeah, it didn’t. So we took a detour and went to Orchard Road to walk around the malls and catch a movie before heading to Little India for some nice authentic Kerala food.

PIC brought me to PREMAAS CUISINE PTE LTD, a Malayalee shop where Kerala cuisine was served there. He told me to try their prata, fish and definitely tea. I am like bring it on. Whatever it is, just order. I ate and enjoyed every single bit of the taste. The fish was very much similar to that one I ate before in Kerala.

SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCYes, I have been to Kerala and did stay on their houseboat which was a famous tourist spot. On the houseboat, they will cook for us, and during that time, they cook like a mudfish with spices. I am so in love with that dish. The aroma and spice smell, my goodness. I can eat fish all my life and never regret. Moving on, once we ate, we took a walk near little india and went home after that.


The next day, I wasn’t feeling well much so, I have to cancel my ice cream hunt. So regretful you know. Of all the days, my tummy needed to be upset on that day. Anyways I went home happily. I did enjoy my tour and time spent with PIC. More of travel stories to come. Chao. 😀

Department of Caffeine
15 Duxton Road, Singapore, 089481 6223 3426
Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri: 10:30 – 19:30

Sat – Sun: 09:30 – 19:30

+65 62233426
Premaas Cuisine
Address: 6 Dalhousie Lane, 209675
Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun: 10.30am – 3.30pm and 5.00pm – 10.30pm
Phone: +65 63923644

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