A Wedding to Remember | carol_herbert

December 2015 was the most happening month for me. It was definitely a fun packed full of adventure month as i was almost out every weekend doing stuffs or heading to a different state for some functions. My first weekend i couldn’t remember much but i knew that i went back home to Malacca to settle some housing issues. My second weekend was both frustrating and happy at the same time. I usually head home after Friday’s work like about 6pm . So happened on that day , i visited Clinic Ko for my face consultation and then decided to head home right after that. I left the clinic like about 5:45pm, so it was just a great timing to head back. Adding to this, i was rushing for my best friend’s wedding nikah night. Its the night where she and her hubby will be declared husband and wife. The next day, only they will have the reception for the girl’s side (on saturday) and the guy’s side (in sunday). This is a Malay wedding so yeah, they have many customs and tradition which is full of cultures. I really wanted to go for the malam berinai and nikah and all of those on Friday night.

God knows how miserable i felt when the highway i took got jammed with all the freaking cars from dunno where they appeared from. I was so angry when i heard over the radio that the jam happened at Kilometre 138.9 and i am stuck at Kilometre 40. I am like OMG.. how in the world am i gonna go back in time for the wedding and maybe don’t talk about the wedding for now. How in the world am i going to go back home? What time would i reach?  I am like stuck at the jam since 6:30pm and my car isn’t moving an inch. Nevertheless i just gave up hoping that the jam will be cleared on time. I saw police cars and ambulance driving passed the emergency lanes but hours passed , no signed of a cleared jam. Frustrated i am, i called my parents to vent it out and started scolding the police and ambulance people for not clearing the jam. I mean come on, you should at least clear what ever accident , move the freaking vehicle to the side so that the road will be cleared. But no!!in Malaysia, if there is any accident on the road , it will take a freaking day to just clear up. My God. I waited and waited , and guess what time i reached home? The journey of 2 hours from Johor to Malacca took me 4 hours!!!! Anyways i missed my friend’s wedding . The world is definitely so unfair to me but God is good as he gave me another opportunity to go for her wedding reception.

So the next day i went for my friend’s wedding reception at 1pm. The groom hasn’t arrived that time, as he was on the way. Lucky enough , i managed to meet up with so many of my school friend’s . Most of them , i studied with from primary to secondary school. We were all the same batch and class from the same school. Thank God we all still keep in touch. Guess what? Most of them are already married. Left is just me and a few bunch of us. You know how stressful it is when every-time you receive a wedding invitation and when u attend the event , there will be someone asking “SO WHEN IS YOUR TURN”!! i am like errrr..not so soon…hahahaha….


Anyways i was there to support my friend. We chatted and talked and waited till the groom to arrived. They were all coordinated with blue as that was their wedding theme. In closing, we got this bunga telur* where it is one of the items that were compulsory. It is a symbolic thing where it is to wish the couple a good fertility . Funny isn’t it? As i told you before, different marriages have different cultures. Especially in Malaysia, we have so many religions and cultures, just simply amazes us. Don’t be like a coconut under a shell where you are just stuck up to your people species. Mix around and make friends from different culture. It makes life prettier that way.


Food was awesome. The reception served us nasi minyak (here is a link that shows how is it prepared)[so called a malay beriyani] , some beef rendang i think and other side dishes. My main favourite was the beef.hahahaha…i am like a super big fan of beef. I think i ate too full until i can still feel my stomach bloated till dinner. Me and my friends went back home full and happy.

Guess what i ate for dinner that night? KFC!!! OMGGGGG i am so fat….hahaha…my dad wanted to try this chessy spicy chicken. Its like a new menu they came out with and i am like ok??? so each of us got the chicken and bought some sides like prawn wrapped with potato and coleslaw. FAT DIE ME!! I was so full until the very next day i had to skip lunch n eat some wholemeal bread to suck all the fats i gained in just a day. Such a weekend huh??



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