Singapore 2015 | carol_herbert

Last weekend(17/10/2015), i went for a trip to Singapore. It was like a weekend away kinda thing with my ex Nottingham classmates. I parked my car at the CIQ customs in Johor Bahru and together me and my friend Ayeing took public transportation into Singapore as it was easier that way. I waited for Ayeing to park her car at my cousin’s place and i fetched her from there. Once we reached the customs, thank God it wasn’t as many people as we were to expect as it was during a weekend. Weekends normally are very unpredictable as we might encounter a crowd that is very much unbearable. After we cleared through Johor customs and scanned our passports, we rushed to take the causeway link bus and headed ourselves to Singapore. The charges are RM1.50 per trip . Just find yourself any yellow bus , it will direct you straight into Singapore. No worries at all. Once we got down the bus, we headed straight to Singapore customs to get our passport stamped and haleluyah ,,here comes Singapore. The customs officer don’t really ask much questions compared to the ones i encountered in America. In USA , they will ask questions and make sure you answer all with confident. I guess it’s just plain psychology. It’s all in the mind. Just tell them where you wanna go and what you plan to do. They will be more happy to listen to you. Some can be really grumpy and some can be really really into you. After the customs, we need to walk like 10mins or so to reach to our bus stop as we need to take it to the MRT station. I would suggest to take the bus no 911 as it directly takes you straight to the train station without going through so many housing or flat areas. So once we are at the MRT station, i went and got this ezlink card as this card is a sort like a gate pass through all public transportation. This card your will have to purchase about 12$ (5$ is for the card purchasing and 7$ is for you to use). I am not too sure why is the system like this , but yeah, it is like that. Just follow and you can be like one of them. IMG20151021203630 IMG20151021203556 We bought and headed straight to Chinatown. It took us about half and hour so. Our backpackers hostel is in Chinatown. Quite a good location and cheap one too. If i were to go back and tour , i would definitely go back to this place. It’s like a double-decker hostel with so many people staying together. There isn’t any rooms and to say fair enough privacy but it is worth the money. The hostel we booked though as this website offers us zero booking fees until a certain period of time. The place is strategic in a way it is near to the MRT station, shopping street and restaurants. Surrounded with tourists from everywhere and i myself was so happy because i see lots of Europeans in Singapore. I like to see people from another country, it just makes me more happy.


Backpackers Hostel Chinatown

This is one of the cheapest yet comfortable hostels i have ever been. I think they have quite a few number of hostels around and if you don’t mind sleeping with strangers than it should be fine. People were even walking with their bras after bathing so what is the big deal. There isn’t much privacy as i told you before. Just sleep and enjoy the cheap sleep.So the first day itself, after checking in we headed to eat lunch to a nearby chinese restaurant. The food was good and i tried this really awesome sweet potato caramel dessert. It was the bomb. The highlight of this trip i would say.


sweet potato


Chinatown classics

Chinatown looks like a real China town..haha,,with all the typical chinese signboards and their so colorful stuffs makes a tourist like me happier. Anyways the ideal question is whether is shopping at Chinatown cheap? Well to me if you are earning in SGD of course lah.,,oh my worlds..6 keychain for 10sgd is way okay..For me it will be a little bit pricy if i were to convert it into Malaysian RM. But yea, since i need to some stuff for my family, i just got them some pretty good key chains here and since it is SG50 , they had so many cool stuffs that you can purchase.


the red handkerchief fella

This one, it made me think whats behind this story? Well my friends translated for me and again i have forgotten about it., Hello Google… its kinda long story winding up ..


Pagoda St

We started off our journey to see the Merlion and Marina bay. That was part of our plan and it is mandatory to take pictures with it. MRT was not so crowded thanks be to God. We were already half tired and i wouldn’t want to rush to take a train that is full of people. We took an interchange at Dhoby Gaut station and headed straight to Raffles . That was were all the attraction places were. We took a slow walk and took some pretty good shots too.


the merlion


mandatory selfie


the marina bay




le girls







walking endlessly

So we walked and took pictures like mad. Our legs were half gone and literally tired. We headed back to our hostel to put back our camera and headed straight to Universal Studios for the Horror Nights. We went to a mall which i totally forgot the name but yeah..the food was good. It was worth paying in SGD for once. I ate this spaghetti with clams and prawns. The flavors were very blended in and spice level was just nice. Speechless we ate our food. IMG20151017191922

Then we rushed to Universal Studios for the event Halloween Night. It was to start at 7.30pm and we are still not there on time. Talking about Malaysian time huh? Hahahaha…anyways by the time we reached there was already 8pm and the crowd was like @@. There were so many people and we are to line up for like hours just play a simple game or go into the haunted houses they have or the scare zones . It was super tiring ok?  If you have the money just get the VVIP passes . It will make you enjoy the rides fast and no need to que up super long. We had to que like almost 2 hours just to enter a stupid haunted house. My God. It was insane and we ended up super hungry. We ended our day like about 2.30am in the morning. Talking about craziness. If we were to take the taxi, we would reach home about 4am. And guess what> the que for taxis also like shit. I was like where did all this freaking people came from and what are they doing here queing up just for a freaking taxi??? We had it man/// My friends that were staying in Singapore decided to call the cab instead of waiting here and going crazy. Our taxi arrived about 5 minutes later and thank God we reached back to Chinatown about 15minutes.

The next day, we had to check out at 11am. We couldn’t wake up. Our bodies sore like hell and legs are like those people who worked for 20 years non stop.hahahah…So we had to rush and shower and get our butts out before the hostel people kick us out. We headed straight to Bugis Mall for brunch. I ordered a burger and mocha and this below one we shared among us. Pork +Beef +chicken…yum yum yum,,,fat die me..IMG_20151018_141414

After brunch, we headed straight to the bus terminal and headed home . It was a good adventure i would say. A leg threatening one..I almost lost my legs by walking from morning till night. I would say it was a good exercise for a good weekend. Well Singapore is so near me and i can go back anytime as long as i save up freaking money. The currencies aren’t helping so up and travel more,,Up next is my Kuching trip in Feb 2016.. So look out for my travel post. I blog when i have the time so yeah. It will take months and days after i have travel.



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