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Me with my overseas’ birthday cake.

Being a quarter century old, meaning i am like 25 years of age, made me feel happy and sad at the same time. Happy wise, yes i got to celebrate with my family members and it was a great deal as my parents drove from Melaka to Johor to be with me this time as i celebrated most of my previous birthdays with friends. Sad because time passed too fast and i was getting not much younger but older. Hopefully wiser too.

Back to my story, so my parents came down on the 15th of September 2015 which was a day earlier from my birthday which was on the 16th of September. My parents were actually not feeling well but still they wanted to come as they couldn’t sit still at home wondering how are they gonna miss my birthday again. HAHA… true enough they came a day earlier and stayed at my cousin sister’s place . As you can see above, i didn’t expect to like get a cake because i was thinking everyone was still up and not asleep waiting to countdown with me and adding to waiting for my cousin’s husband to come back from Singapore. He was working morning shift, so basically he will reach home like 10pm ish . I was kinda sleepy and headed to change into my home wear and waited. As he came back from work, we didn’t realize he smuggled in a cake all the way from Changi airport and it was like a custom-made chocolate durian cake. Surprise surprise,, they all sang happy birthday song and i got my mini cake at 12am. Such a blessing they are , and i wasn’t expecting anything as to me , i was already blessed to have my parents and cousins with me..by my side celebrating this quarter century old life i had. The cake was superb and delicious. Not too sweet and the durian taste was just nice as the chocolate has overpowered the flavors in the cake.

Once we were done with the cake cutting and singing, we all went to bed as the next day we had like plans to go out and enjoy the day. We started with an Indian breakfast at Agneeys http://johorkaki.blogspot.com/2013/08/agneeys-cuisine-indian-restaurant-in.html . It was a really good indian restaurant and i would recommend to go back there for a second time. The environment and pricing was just nice . Not too pricy and the main thing was the food is delicious. I had this amazing mouth-watering egg pizza thosai, which is damn weird but tasty. Must say that you can skip lunch after having those. Plus they have really good teas and coffees . Then, after eating, we decided to head to Puteri Harbour and walk around to digest all those yummy food before we headed for dessert. Below are some pics we took during my birthday.


IMG-20150916-WA0007[1]this is my family 🙂


Le cousieee

I came across this while reading and researching on God’s word.

Psalm 71 is the psalm of an old man. He is an old man with many trials and problems, but he is obviously a joyful man who is able to put his focus on the Lord in the midst of these trials. The psalm shows us, to put it simply, that

God’s way to grow old is to develop a walk with Him now.

The reason that the psalmist could handle his problems so well as an old man was that he had developed a walk with God in the years leading up to this time. He had a proven resource in the Lord which enabled him to be strong inside, even though his body was growing weaker and his enemies were powerful.

Try to read this…http://www.desiringgod.org/articles/resolutions-on-growing-old-with-god

When you grow old, you tend to grow with the Lord with a deeper understanding of the word and being well equipped with it.The word of the Lord never grows old. His word is ever-living and fresh. Getting older each year , i always tend to remind myself to be a lil more matured and try to be an adult or leader that God wants me to be. I am happy that each day i am learning from mistakes and He is there to guide me through it.

Get older with your friends and family., They are the ones that matters the most. I used to believe that celebrating birthdays are lame and wasting money and time. The more i see that people are dying in the early stages and living short makes me even scared that someday it could be me. Or some one i loved. It totally changed my mindset and i now appreciate birthdays and even simple events of celebrations. Always make time for events. Go out and celebrate because indeed life is definitely shorter than you can ever imagine.



  1. ywwp · October 13, 2015

    nice one- many happy returns of the day – take care – regards http://yourwellwisherprogram.wordpress.com


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