Christmas in Ipoh 2014 | carol_herbert

Its Christmas finally. I got a super long leave from my boss and it was indeed a blessing. I took off from the 24th of Dec till the 1st of Jan. I resumed back to work on the 2nd of Jan 2015. I always yearned and wished that everyday was Christmas and receiving presents from each other was another fun part. My family and I as always decided that we should go for a family trip. So we ended up choosing Ipoh since we have never really explored that state much. I had to book the hotels and plan the trip as usual ..and yes ,, my parents will fork out the money..hahahaaha…such a perfect family..anyways.. back to my story, so we weren’t thinking much as it was rainy season and we just went with the flow.

On the very first day, which was Christmas day itself, we took a slow ride(dad’s driving) and yes..when i took over it was half an hour faster. Talking about speed huh? We reached about noon and checked in. Guess where we stayed? Hotel Checkedinn !! so random but yeah. It was a new hotel and not much famous yet till i thought we were the only one staying there. The first day we just went to Aeon Ipoh, which was very near to our hotel. About   drive. I just wanted to laze around the mall and do so-called window shopping. We had our Christmas dinner at Kenny Rogers Restaurant. I got really angry with the services provided there. Mind me but when it comes to food and with the money I am paying, I deserved a better service. I called for the waiter a few times and when she or he didn’t turn up for about 10minutes, I got my head heated up. Yes, you may say its the season of giving and forgiving. But still, when you are so tired of driving nearly 5 hours and have no rest, all you want is a good, fast and delicious food to be at your face fast. Little that I knew, the waitress were all talking and don’t know what in the world they were discussing about. They better discuss about world issues otherwise they were gonna get it.

Time passed and i went again to another waiter and said we waited like for 15 minutes just to take orders. What was happening? The guy apologized and came straight to us. I was really pissed mainly annoyed at that time and knowing me, if you make me annoyed you just better stay away from me because i can be really mean although i am not. He took out orders and wanted us to get the new items. I told him off that we don’t want any other new items. Just get what we had ordered. In my mind, i was thinking. This attitude in Malaysia was just plain disgusting. What is so important for you to talk when you have customers waiting to even to take orders? In-saneness to the max !! Anyways we got our food and left fast because we weren’t enjoying much of the environment. It was our Christmas dinner and it went the other way. Such a day. But still we need to forgive them. Its how my God teaches me. Only fools get angry.

After that we went shopping and our moods were turn back on. Seeing all the bells on the trees and the mall decorated was much fun. Dad wanted to watched a movie at the cinema but my mother insisted we shop around and go back to rest since the next day we will be going to tour around. So my dad was okay with that. We went shopping and bought some gifts back home.

The next day :/ it was raining slightly. Sadly i came out of the hotel but had a good mood on because i wanted to try this famous dim sum. It is situated at the heart of Ipoh city, named Ming Court and guess what? It was full until cannot full. People were lining up till there is no ending. What the fish? On the first day and this is what i got? hahaha…anyways..lesson learnt..If you ever want to eat dim sum, go and line up early like about 6:30-7am if you want to even get a sit. True life drama. See how can food affect people. Talking about typical Malaysians. Well we ended up in one of the chinese food court and had a pretty simple meal. Then we head off to the famous railway station where apparently my dad used to go there and had some pretty awesome childhood living off a train. My granddad used to work in the railways and it was an adventure as all my dad’s siblings would travel across Malaysia and Singapore. I wished i was part of it. HAHA.,.too bad i am not. Anyways moving on, we went there and there were lot of families and students taking the train and it was crowded indeed. Later on we went to my dad’s high school where he used to attend before. He was so delighted to see high school and yes there much memories planted there.

Moving on, Kellies’ Castle was the next destination planned. It was raning but we didn’t cared much. The rain wasn’t heavy so we could still enjoy the trip. This castle has many mysterious story and apparently we are more keen in surveying the building more than the history part.

We did had some pictures to reveal some of the castle and yes of course..the Kumars were in it. Next we headed to Gua Tempurung. We got ready our gears as we were needed to climb the cave and it was challenging…Well challenging for my parents of course..My dad is a heart patient and my mum is just feeling old that she just couldn’t climb stairs anymore. By God’s grace we managed to climb and enjoy the trip by an old Malay man who brought us up there. There were also ang mos and koreans that joined the group. It was a fun climb and exploration. We went home about an hour later. It was a damn tiring day as we were on the move always and our feet were sore badly. We kept massaging our leg so that they will feel better.

After that, we headed back home after a good touring days. I have so much to say but i think you all will just fall asleep reading to much words, This post has been pending for so long so here…Adios and till i travel again.


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