Car Seat Authority

Today, i was listening to Mix Fm in Malaysia, where the radio announcers were discussing on how the front car seat and seat beside the driver can be a life drama. The story goes like this. This man,X was driving with his secretary sitting beside him in front as normal and this radio announcer came in and sat behind as the front seat was taken. Then they took off to go and fetch the X ‘s wife. When they reached the area , the wife came and sat behind. The radio announcer was shocked to see that scenario happening. I mean come on. The wife was supposed to be sitting in front beside X as she was his wife, and she definitely has the right to sit there more than the secretary . Plus the weird thing is, Mr X also kept quiet and didn’t even bother to ask his wife whether does she wants to sit in front or not. Such an awkward thing .This was the comment from the radio fella lah.


thanks to Google 🙂

Well we all have opinions lah. To me , the main idea is what and where are they heading to and is it necessary for the secretary to get up and give the seat to the wifey. If they were heading towards a place that is much nearer then it will be fine for the secretary to sit in front. Otherwise, the wifey should sit in-front. On the other hand, being a secretary also meaning having respect for your bosses wife. You should at least ask her whether does she wants to sit in-front as a kind and polite gesture that you respect her. What kind of society we are living in right now? Maybe those practical thinkers would say , like one of the other radio announcers said, it was just a car seat. This doesn’t imply that the seat belongs solely to the wife . It isn’t a territory or personal space. Unless Mr X said to the secretary to move behind and let his wifey sit in-front. Such a drama.

Early morning, listening to these stories makes me wonder. Such a simple thing , people do take it seriously. I also caught myself thinking about this and funnily remembered that there are few stories in my life that relates to this. Nowadays i see people especially kids, make their parents sit behind and the siblings sit in-front. I mean to me it is fine but at least ask the parents or the elders whether they want to sit in-front or not lah. We are living in a culture where asking people isn’t part of the dictionary anymore. We just act and assume that people are to follow what we do and want. To me its just plain rude. The normal norm is the parents will be seating in-front regardless who is bring the car. Then only the children. Funnily the kids these days, just sit straight right in front and don’t care about others. Even aunties and uncles are also pushed behind. Such a sad thing isn’t it.

Anyways , we all have our own individual thoughts and opinions. All is well. Please next time do at least make an effort to ask things and opinions from other people before making yours as you wouldn’t know that you have hurt people’s feelings or not.


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