The Life of a Foodie in Johor | carol_herbert

I was up for some food adventure and feasting lately. Food feeds the soul. And yes, you do need the funds for that otherwise, you can just dream on it. Be kind to yourself okAY”? do some savings and treat yourself a lil tiny itsy bissy of reward to feed you body and mind. So i explored few places lately, from korean to japanese to western. I kept feasting and realized that i couldn’t do it any much longer due to tummy bloat and my hungry passion that just died on me due to the over dosage of food input that has been entering into my stomach for days.I started with this. TADDDAAAAA….


New Zealand Beef

Oh how i love beef and lamb more than chicken or fish, haha..this is on of my favorites and you gotta try it.


My accounts colleagues

(yes, as you can see they are all Chinese) I blend in well .. thats one of my awesome skills 😀

I ate my usual New Zealand beef hot plate with vegetables and eggs. That is what i usually order and it fills the tummy just nice. They have pretty good steamboat and other varieties of dishes that could cater to different kinds of people. Nowadays , i notice that people are getting more violent and choosy to what they eat and pay for. WEll, what do you know about paying through you hard earn money? It hurts when you don’t get what you pay for isn’t it? Here in Malaysia , please don’t put too high expectations on anything. Literally anything. One thing you can do is eat nice food , pay for it and just move on. No need to complain about how it taste or how pricey because it will never affect the owner or the shop. You are just venting it to yourselves. I did once before it was painful and annoying.

Anyways, my accounts colleagues ate steamboat and it was averagely fine.I would give a rating of 6/10. It was for a friend’s farewell party and we had that for days with a different group of people. The ambiance of it was okay, but for an introvert, too many mingling around tends to make me more emo than ever.

Moving on, we went for Korean food the next day with our human resources colleagues . We had this BBQ meat and pork and kimchi. The food was all over the place and looking at the food made me feel full before even starting to eat them.Spicy it can be we ate and finished it all. From the bbq meat, to the kimchi soup and side dishes. All the plates were clean except my super extra expendable tummy which hurts after eating.







This was what we ate and a long table which doesn’t fit much until we had to pill things up. It was a good day to end with after such a tiring day at work. Yes, you must be wondering why are we all wearing the same outfits. That is so-called our work place identity uniform. We wear uniforms all the time and it does saves us cost and time everyday. Thanks to our beloved company in saving costs. The seafood served here was well-preserved and fresh indeed. Still i am with all the chinese people. HAHA,,,my life is always surrounded by the chinese, blame it on my parents. LOL .

A place i will come back , maybe next year. For now my quota is full.

It’s easy to impress me. I don’t need a fancy party to be happy. Just good friends, good food, and good laughs. I’m happy. I’m satisfied. I’m content.

This is just a warm up. More to come and i will blog on it when i have to mood to blog. I am writing on a new project which relates to attachment problems, based on real life story. Hope i can blow you mind and theories will be related too. I shouldn’t waste my degree you know??

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