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Weddings here and there. “When I sleep, I dream of you, and when I wake, I long to hold you in my arms. If anything, our time apart has only made me more certain that I want to spend my nights by your side, and my days with your heart.” —Nights in Rodanthe

So dope isn’t it? Weddings is one of my favourite event of all time. The event itself causes one to think what to do, what to wear, who am i meeting with and eventually am i gonna meet THE PAST or THE FUTURE. Its kinda deep it you would put it the way that i do. I am a psychology student trained in many areas of analysing life without putting in too much drama. Life is simple. Live it to the fullest. Don’t be like me. Thinking way too much out of the box will drained you out faster.

My friend is getting married this coming October and me and my friends are pretty excited about it. We just met up last night and started planning on what to wear and where to stay and how are we gonna travel from state to state. My friend , D is getting married in Ipoh,Malaysia and one bunch of us are working in Johor, Malaysia, which is the southern part of the country. The traveling takes about 6-7 hours in total if we were to travel by car. If we were to fly there it will just take us an hour or so. Thinking really hard my mind began to wonder. I am a very independent girl who loves to travel and drive herself everywhere she goes. This came to my senses if i were to fly in, the hassle of me to get to anywhere is such a porridge feel for me.

So transportation settled, next is waiting for the big day to come. Weddings to me is a joined family celebration plus love ones coming together to be part of each other. It takes two parties to make it work. Clap your hands, you need both right? It is the same as when one gets into a relationship. Very complicated i feel, as i have been in 1 or 2 before, still i can’t seem to understand certain things. But after things begins to fall in place, you will eventually get the AHA moment. Family is a happy place where you will get to share certain things that you can’t do with others. God definitely needs to be in the center of it all. He will need to be the head of the family the only comes daddy and mommy. That is just how it works to build a strong united family. Babies later on can dominate their parents through cuteness overload. I always admire babies that have the coolest daddies 🙂

FB_IMG_1433222624117Does she has the coolest daddy or what? #heartsmelt

 Walking with your hands in mine and mine in yours, that’s exactly where I want to be always.” —Fawn Weaver

Planning for a wedding isn’t easy. There is a lot of effort needed to be sowed in order to have the perfect wedding ever. Simple or complicated, you still need planning. One doesn’t get married randomly. If you do, please call me up and i will try my best to be there to witness it. It must be very random and weird but yet adventurous. May God bless you.haha..

This is just a sneak peek of whats gonna happen in Oct.Long way to go ,many things to plan. Flowers,band,church,guests,food,outfits..oh my…so many things and hopefully it goes well. Fingers crossed. Everything has been upheld into HIS hands. He will make it happen according to HIS will.

Till i update you on this. Time to run for my work. Lunch breakie just ended.

CHao 😀


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