The Attitude | carol_herbert

If you had certain kinds of attitude, what would it be? To me sometimes i get irritated by people who have attitude that hurts people indirectly. The hidden attitude which makes me wonder, how can people be so fake and real at the same time and doesn’t care about others’ feelings? People will be people and that is the fact that we are all living in a defensive world.

There is this girl, very straight forward attitude which sometimes brings me to wonder whether is she really doing it on purpose or just defending herself? I studied BSc Hons in Psychology. So basically its part of me to investigate and analyze people’s attitude without them realizing it. I am just curious in how they react to what they say out. It could be contradicting at first and I could even come to a conclusion that person is a hypocrite. But still who am I to judge when God himself doesn’t judge us for who we are? Apparently she is a really great girl who can work things out fast and will help you if she wants to.Its just the straight forwardness that makes my nerves go through a hyperbolic sensation. I started watching her lil by lil and getting to know her a lil bit more in order to protect myself from getting hurt all the time by her words and action. Little by little , I started to produce stereotypes and it got worst in the end. I tried praying everyday that God will give me the strength to not judge people as I know one day it will turn back against me somehow.

Sooner or later I managed to get a grip of myself and tried my very best in understanding her. She is married and has a kid of her own. Her marriage was indeed a drama I could say plus, living in this world, dramas are the ones that people will remember for life. She had to survive somehow and live a life that is very simple. She has yet to know what is happening and how things are gonna work in future but still the insecurity is there. Can’t blame her though. Life is challenging and if we were to have the right friends and God to help, it would be a helpful one.

Working wise she is fine, and I look up to her at times.Enough said I could say she is one of the mentors I have in the working world. I just hope that one say she will be a happy bubbly woman who adores life and live it to the fullest without hurting others. Friendships and connections are made and not to be broken because of attitudes. Who doesn’t have the attitude? We all have it. It just how smart are we in manipulating it in different situations. We all have good and bad attitudes towards things and sometimes the inner conscience doesn’t want to showcase all of it. Play smart and have fun. You will indeed succeed with a smile on your face 😀 .


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