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Okay. Time to introduce to you my super best friend all the way from Paraguay. His name is Alejandro D. Alfonso. Well I don’t do this often but he is one of a kind. He is just special and different.

SAMSUNG CSCThe Alejandro of YCMA 😀

Just a lil intro. He is a kind,compassionate and unpredictable guy I have ever met in my life. I first met him at the Aspen dining hall in YMCA. He came in with Liz also from Paraguay.


Who knows from that met up we all grew closer to each other in no time. I didn’t expect to get any closer to anyone when I was in USA. For me, it was like a holiday thing, where you know tourist that goes to another country, they will meet people and that’s it. No connections or anything permanent to be built or maintained. SO to start of with, we worked under the same department , the food service department and it was fun. Working in YMCA was fun as we were all still students and had no commitments. Life was easy-going and of course..winter..what could one say more?

I couldn’t remember much on how we spent our time during the early stage but i do remember clearly at the ending part where we were out doing something.HAHA…We did sports like jogging in the winter..that was one insane thing I did but who needs to keep fit even it’s snowing isn’t it? And what else? Ohhh yea we had this partying session too but I wasn’t much in the picture. He is the one that has lots of drama and admirers..Well he is ALEJANDRO ❤


Attached or not, he is my best friend and always update me stuffs. I am like a listening bean and knows will be there for him no matter what happens. No judgement will be made plus we are all humans and do make mistakes. So nobody is prefect. Head a life that is meaningful and live happily ever after with limits. My life policy 🙂

Sometimes, he can be funny and does silly things. Saying and doing it could a double bonus if you were there to witness it. I was always happy around him and will cherish all the moments I had with him. Time passed and we were not spending much time as he got upgraded I say, into becoming the assistant chef. He was responsible in preparing meals for us instead of serving like I do. Later on he was in the morning shift and I was in the afternoon shift. Couldn’t meet much and spend time together. It was sad but we got used to it. We still had other friends and was busy in our own lives. We planned like to play volley ball after my shift and it was good. I got my hands bruised a lil and it was challenging as all of the Latinos were so good in this game. The rest of us Asians were like struggling to play and catch up with all our hands red. It was a laughter but we all enjoyed everybody’s company.

We also had this small gang sort of family.This got hold of us more connected as a small international family. All from different nations but close to each other. We had movie nights, slumber nights and even day outing. There were so many things to say but it’s buried deep inside….I know I may forget things easily that is why I blog, so that when I get old, I have this written memory that could return back all repressed memories.

SAMSUNG CSCHope he remembers me for life..haha..ADIOS MI AMIGO 😀


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