Coffee Addict | carol_herbert

Coffee!! Aaahhhh..Takes my breath away. You may marry me off with a coffee bean. I would rather spend my life drinking coffee and living happily ever after. “Adventure in life is good; consistency in coffee even better.” ― Justina Chen, North of Beautiful

10532325_10204503320640513_7616004096448448598_oThis was taken at Just Want Coffee, The Factory 30, Johor Bahru

I could say that besides music, coffee is the next great passion I have in life. Yes, I meant it seriously. I have no idea when I started drinking coffee and since then it was a sin I could say. Every single morning I definitely have to drink coffee in order to start my day. The love of coffee grew and it was basically a daily routine. If I would to missed it , even a day, my life will just fall apart and have headaches which are unbearable.

When I started working, I would say to myself, ‘ok!! I have the finance now and could hunt for some good coffee in town’. And yes I managed to find a good place for coffee. The place was called JUST WANT COFFEE. Introduced by my very own friend Vivian Hiew. I got this cappuccino and it was the BOMB! The presentation was good and service wise was up to the level where it was respectful enough to call yourself a coffee seller.


We also had this waffle with ice-cream. Honestly its a good place to hang out and drink some really good coffee. To me, I am the type of person would save money and spend lil by lil on certain pleasures in life. What is the point of you earning money on a monthly basis and putting it in the bank without using it to pamper yourself a lil? To me, yes we all have commitments here and there. I also have mine too. Plus I think mine is the most ever commitment where I think I only have a couple of hundreds to save for my masters degree as I have the balance thousand to pay up my loans here and there. I told to myself that whatever I pay up, needs to have at least a balance where I could use some of the money for some pampering session like shopping, eating good fancy food and getting some really good brewed coffee.

Enough said, more to hunt and I would like to try every country’s coffee and have the peace of life. You could say I am a coffee addict but still when one has a passion on it, no one can stop it.



  1. annie · October 19, 2014

    coffee is definitely my passion too. can’t live without them!


    • Carol Herbert · October 19, 2014

      I know right? It has something to do with the aroma and taste which makes you crave for more. What kind of coffee you prefer to drink?


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