Walk Off The Earth | carol_herbert

This is one of  kind band that I love the most. Listening to their music and covers just make me vanish into LA LA land. I admire this group as they were born with creativity. Short terms, I would say they have musical magical hands. I started admiring this band like during my university era. It was the song “Somebody that I used to know” captured my heart. The way they played only using a guitar just amazed me and it was a hit! They were introduced by my very own friend Maryam. She was sort of a fan but not a huge fan compared to me. I was indeed mesmerized and was following every single post they posted in YouTube. It was then my heart desired to meet them in person or even to attend one of their concerts. Almost every night I will log into YouTube and listen to their covers . Sometimes I think I even memorized their song covers more than the original singer of the original songs.
When I was in USA, little did I expect this awesome group will be having their tours all around USA during the time I will be there. I was hoping they would come to Denver, Colorado as I was working there at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park.  Time went by i forgotten all about the tours and somehow I did came across the dates of all the tours but I didn’t really look forward to it much as I did before as I was busy working. Anyways , one day I was having a simple random lunch with one of my American friend , Jocelyn 🙂 . She was a cheerful girl and had her passion in music . She was a girl who loved hiking and outdoor activities. Somehow she is also a fan of this very specific band but wasn’t aware of me liking this band as well. We were having some random talks over lunch and somehow she was talking about a band . She said ‘ Oh, well there is this band that is coming to Denver and me and my friends are planning to go for it. really talented and they have awesome covers’. So I was like ‘oh , have your ever heard about, walk off the earth band before?’ Then she goes, ‘well I am actually talking about the same band here. What a coincidence!!’. Then we begin to talk about the band and how creative they were in creating cover songs that attracts viewers from all over the world. We planned and the 5 of us went for the concert in Denver.
We decided to scout for tickets as the original tickets were all sold out. It was my first time scouting tickets and it was indeed my first concert ever. Like a live one. In USA. This is one dream come true. Never did I expect I will be going to real live concert and attending one without any worries of paying a huge amount of money. Concerts in Malaysia could raise up to few hundreds or maybe thousands and the quality isn’t really good. So i usually wouldn’t spend my money to go watch a concert which isn’t worth my money. But this band!! OMGGGG 😀 😀 There is something in this band that make me crave for more.
It was a crazy journey. The concert was held at one of the halls in Denver town and I could say it was a packed hall. We could see many fans lining up since like 6pm. The concert only starts at 7pm. So we thought oh well, since it starts at 7, might as well we go grab dinner. Thank God , we went to look for tickets as I had a feeling we gonna lose all the tickets if we didn’t get it soon. There was a weird guy who came stopped his car randomly at the road side and was asking us whether are we going to the concert and are we looking for tickets. It was pretty scary as we don’t know from where he appeared and it was as if he was spying on us girls. Anyways, I was all ready to protect my fellow girls. My fist was rolled up and was ready to attack at any time. Thank God he was just a cool dude, desperate to sell off his tickets. It was a fake ticket as the serial numbers on each tickets were the same. I wasn’t aware of it as I never bought any concert tickets in my life before. So Jocelyn told us that we will just walk away and not buy the tickets. He was also selling it for a very cheap price. Jocelyn told us the original price was about 40$ and if we would to scout for the tickets, it would probably be sold higher, till like 50$. So yea, we finally managed to scout tickets from one of the guys that were selling there. We got the tickets for 45$. Happy with it, we decided to grab dinner at the nearest 7 eleven , like across the street and eat cup noodles. Vivian Hiew also came with me, so we shared the noodle. It was a rush but who cares. HAHAHAHA… I am gonna see my favorite band . Once the doors were opened, we went straight to the stage area and was like at the front of everybody. I was so happy as i could clearly be so close to them.
Parachute was one of the guest band that opened the concert. It was a BOOM. I wasn’t aware about this band but apparently they sang pretty good. The lead singer was good and he had this weird musicians playing. All talented in their own ways I could say. Then the concert when on, Walk Off The Earth played and sang their hearts out. I myself was enjoying the entire minute i was there. I still couldn’t believe my eyes that I was there , like really there to see Walk Off The Earth up close. I wished I could see them face to face one day. Here is a picture of me and their t-shirt. Purchased in USA.
HAHA!!Couldn’t really see my t-shirt because of my super long hair..anyways..this is me and my awesome t-shirt with the awesome White House. How many awesomeness in a picture? One could tell i am indeed blessed.

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