20 Facts About Myself | carol_herbert

“Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.”― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
I was nominated by my friend to list down 20 facts about myself. At first i thought it was easy. But then when i started to type it out, i ran out of words. I was thinking to myself . What is it about me that others might know or might not? Thinking was another thing. I hate thinking and getting my brain dried up. In the end i just typed out random things about myself and decided to be true to myself and others.And here it goes>>>>
1- My name Carol was selected by my dad even before i was born. The name actually meant a joyous song.
2- I can be introvert and extrovert at the same time.Depending with whom i mix with.
3- I am only interested in playing the bass guitar. I tried piano once and i was only stuck at level 1. I had no interest in running my fingers on a piano. I would rather run those cool fingers on my bass instead.
4- I am so interested in studying forensic psychology. Not too much of CSI but still, investigation and research are my passion.
5- I am the only child but i have like 50 over cousins.
6- I love music, coffee and travelling.
7- I am an authentic mix of Malayalee and Tamil but too bad i can’t speak both languages. I know Mandarin tho.
8- I am a WALK OFF THE EARTH fan.Huge one. Big one.
9- I had a prawn as a pet before when i was young.
10- I am still keeping my ‘bantal busuk’ (bolster) which i had since young. I bet you must be thinking how in the world the ‘bantal’ can still survive till now. Ask my mum.LOL.She is good in keeping antiques.
11- I hate creeping insects.
12- I had dreamt of owning an animal farm in New Zealand. A serious one, as i told my parents that i would want to retire and sell milk. Less stress compared to working with people. I would rather work with cows and goats
13- I only love driving a manual car. Auto sucks.
14- I love my God with all of my heart.100% no doubts.Jesus rules!!
15- I color my hair twice a year. Depending on mood.
16- I did PTS, UPSR. PMR. SPM and STPM (only the Malaysian 90’s kids knows what am i talking about).
17- I have never gone under a knife before. No surgeries. Thanks be to GOD 😀
18- I have lots of international friends from South America, North America, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, India, Australia, Pakistan, Africa and UK .
19- I love smiling Good times, bad times. It’s just part of me.
20- I love old classic cartoons.Little Lulu is my all time favorite.

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