Cameron Highlands 2014 | carol_herbert

Last Raya i went to Cameron Highlands for a family trip. My family and i were thinking really hard on where to go and what to do during the festive season. Well who knows we all came up with Cameron Highlands. I was like ‘can we please go to somewhere cool and relaxing’? Cause the weather here in Malaysia is just too hot and i can feel myself melting all the time. Plus my skin was fair and now its like a roasted chicken. Anyways thank God for a skin to protect me. Ok!! So back to my story. We left Malacca like about 7am ish and took like a slow ride as it was a 5 hours journey. When it came to driving, I was indeed a fast one and my dad was a cool one. So it was a roller coaster ride I could say. My mum , she was cool and was the passenger , relaxing behind , enjoying the scenery and traffic jam while me and my dad was like so focused as we were the drivers and so-called co-pilot. The road was super winding and scary as it was like a two-way road and if you were to drive fast a lil…HELLO CLIFF!!soooo ..We first stopped by this amazing Lata Iskandar Waterfall and it was just refreshing to see the water falling through the rocks and giving you the breeze.

We could see lil kids bathing and people taking pictures and selfies as usual. Not much to see but still there were antique and fruit shops around for us to linger around to buy some time. Then we went to the washroom and it was a disaster. I wouldn’t recommend you people to go and pee there ! LIKE SERIOUSLY…it was horrible..The systems were not functioning and water were flooding like everywhere . It was so dirty until i had to come out fast as i was afraid i would puke in there. Emergency wise you may go ahead but still ,,, if you can bear it for a lil longer please do. Once the site seeing was done, we continued our tiring journey and i could even see that my gps was loosing its signal, so it was a sign that we were reaching really soon. Finally after such long hours of driving we finally reached MADANI hotel ๐Ÿ˜€ A cheap yet clean hotel for our 3 day trip.

We started our first place of visit to the Big Red Strawberry farm. It was a pretty place where you could self-pick your strawberries there. To me it wasn’t worth it as most of the strawberries were half dead and not really ripe. I decided to keep that activity for the next visit. Most of the time I took pictures and NOMMeD to my sweet corn which I bought as I was so hungry at that time. My parents were just tired of walking but it was fun.

Walking walking walking..Tired of seeing flowers maybe? I took an awesome picture of a sunflower which stands out among the rest. Talking about becoming the salient one huh? I always teach myself to be the salient one.. The one that stands out among the rest but it’s just too tough..I am an introvert and yes I can be friendly only to the people I am close at. But yea i am still learning to be the best of me and try not to be a copy cat of others. BE THE ORIGINAL KUMAR ๐Ÿ˜€

We headed back to our hotel after such a long day. Looking at all the AMGMOSsss walking and walking and not getting tired makes me feel tired for them.HAHAHA>>>anyways it was nap time. Always take a good nap when you are travelling so that you will not get too tired and look horrible in all the pictures you take. I AM JUST SAYING DUE TO EXPERIENCE..Next was dinner part 1…wooohooo…time for some indian food. I was craving for Indian food like forever and I am indeed turning to be a Chinese soon .. people who knows me well knows what I am talking about. Moving on , yes Indian food..We went to this indian restaurant and ordered like a pure authentic indian food. Once you enter into the restaurant, you might want to stop the drooling, as you can just smell the aroma and spices oozing through the air into your nostrils and it might just make you feel full by just smelling it.

The next day we went to check out the tea plantations at Cameron valley. It was a good ride as it wasn’t really jammed while we were driving. Breakfast was ok! We had like a ‘mamak’ version of breakfast, so MALAYSIAN ๐Ÿ˜€ Didn’t want to be filled up too full as we were scared it would upset the tummy the whole journey through. Moving on, yes we ended up in Cameron Valley. The place is filled with tea aromas and we could see people lining up just to get a cup of Cameron tea and their amazing scones. We wanted to try but looking at the line we decided to not have it but just went for a walk through the tea plantation.


Cameron Valley Tea Plantation

So here is the magnificent view of the tea plantation. Looking in awe i took a gasp of breath just to thank God that i am still alive and am able to view this with my own eyes. The plantation was kinda interesting to see because the tea leaves were planted like till the most top hill and it was really hard to even climb down the plantation. The slopes were very steep and there isn’t a single thing that you could hold or grip on if you were to fall except the tea leaves..huhuhu…imagine how in the world the workers climb just to hand-pick the tea leaves? MY GOODNESS, it would be a challenging one ๐Ÿ˜€ If i am were to pick it myself it would be a disaster. We also took a family selfie at the end of our walk. My dad is just exhausted of walking and decided to head back to the car and drive off to our next destination.


We are the KUMARS ๐Ÿ™‚

Next we went up to a Bee farm to see BEES of course. I was thinking what is there to see in a bee? Anyways since we were reaching there why not stop by and check it out. It was pretty an interesting place as there weren’t much bees flying above or around you and it was mostly just a plain strawberry farm. There were gigantic sunflowers at the side of each farm and they were planted especially for the bees to take pollinate and make us some really good honey. The bees were already working in their honey comb and those ready ones will be harvested and sold. Quite interesting to see. Then we took our leave and move on to the BOH plantation which is really really high up. And this I could confirm you that your life is pretty in danger if you were to drive a big car up that road. My myvi almost didn’t survive but by God’s grace we managed to reach there safely without any scratch. The road up the hill was very very very narrow like it’s a one car lane kinda thing. So imagine if you were driving up the hill and there is an on coming car opposite you, how in the world you are gonna squeeze in just to let the fella pass by? Thank God for my awesome skills i managed to pull it through and my dad declared we are never coming here again. I think our blood pressures just raised like dunno how many millions of times when we see a car coming from the opposite lane.



My dad knows a lil of theBOH history so he was telling me the whole story like how it was first brought by the British and was handed over to the Indians to take over and run the business. I was shocked myself when I saw like Indians everywhere in Cameron but then when the story was told then it all falls in place. No wonder INDIANS rule in CAMERON HIGHLANDS..hahahaha..good for them.. From the view up here, we could see like the most top high mountains were full with tea plants and workers are like standing at the slopes picking them up.Such brave people. We ended up in a souvenir shop and ย bought like a few packets of tea leaves and rode back down to our next destination. We went up to Brinching town and bought our tickets to the Time Tunnel Museum. It was indeed a museum full of antiques from different generations. It was an eye opener as i could see various things sold during my dad’s generation and the years before him. It was such a wonder indeed. There were like tricyles, food brands and money from the old days. There were also a replica of a Chinese tea shop and it was kinda of fun seeing the materials they used and how it was the trend those days. Adding to that, they also framed like movie posters, tickets and even advertisement which we could hardly see these days. Amazingly i was enjoying myself as a tourist here.โ€œThe real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.โ€ โ€“ Marcel Proust

Continuing my long long story, we headed down and went for steamboat for dinner. It was a good and relaxation time for the family as we only had that 3 days to spend time with each other. That night we slept well as we were dead tired. The next morning we went for breakfast at one of the restaurants in town and headed straight to Lavender Farm. It was our last place to visit before we headed back home to Malacca. Lavender Farm is indeed a pretty place with lots of pretty flowers. My favourite flower? NAHHHHH i don’t fancy of flowers much but i love taking picture of them.





Flowers โค

It was a fun journey through. People say the most time spent with the family is the most precious time money can’t buy. We had enjoyed this few days together as family and will plan more trip soon. Not wanting dramas but who knows maybe the next adventure will be an awesome one and full of excitement. Time to save more money and travel. Till i blog the next time.



  1. janedoe · August 30, 2014

    Hey dear, it’s a super long post but I enjoyed reading it.
    Now I know Boh company comprises lots of Indian because of the history you share with us here:)


    • Carol Herbert · August 31, 2014

      Thank you @janedoe ๐Ÿ™‚ yea . it is a long post for a travel post..more to come..


  2. janedoe · August 30, 2014

    Btw my is


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