F.R.I.E.N.D.S | carol_herbert


The word friends many times made me wonder.Will they be eternal or temporary? I have so many friends but which are willing to be friends with me till i die? The thoughts just came by like a sudden wind, blowing away my mind to think and ponder upon it although it isn’t a serious matter. I love being with friends who build me up , encourages good stuffs and definitely be a listening ear whenever needed. Sounds dull but that is the essentials of a good friend to me. What is the point of having friends that doesn’t bring any life to you? I have friends both local and international. They are indeed precious to me. They might not know that but to me i remember them almost everyday. Since young till i grew up, i could still remember my childhood friends till university time. All kinds of races, cultures, backgrounds, shapes and colors..WHO CARES?? we are made differently and uniquely so why differentiate? stay blessed and happy as God has already blessed you with so many blessings 😀

Life is just too short and precious.I am living a life that is definitely full of meaning and purpose as i already know that my life is already been claimed by the Almighty ONE 😀 Still i do keep all my friends in prayer and lest they know i am always eyeing on them..HAHAHA..its true i love to see updates in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Mind me i am not a stalker but a friend who just love to keep the connections going. I might not be prefect and yes i have mistakes but i know that i can be the friend that you can count on. Talking about friends sometimes make me happy and sometimes sad. Happy and sad moments will be there to help us build a better and stronger relationship. I had this childhood friend and she was my first primary school friend in class. I could still remember her up till now. She with her baju kurung, always beside me and with me the whole time. We even shared food during recess and was still happy. Those were the days. There were no boundaries and rules when it comes to friendship. Now i hope she will still be the same person i used to know. By now she might be married or working. I missed her so much and somehow one day i hope to just bump into her and say i miss you so much my dear old friend.

Secondary school wasn’t bad. I was mostly with either my chinese or Malay friends. I couldn’t speak Tamil so most of my indian friends were speaking Malay or english with me. But still the boundaries were there as they prefer to speak Tamil.So i ended up with the other races and it was pretty cool with me. I don’t care who i am friends with. As long we know that we could speak a language that both of us understand, it will be just fine. Some people just prefer to live under a coconut shell and it’s just none of my business.

University life!! SIGHHH i missed the people there. They had put and invested so much memories in me. Little do they know i still remember times spent there and yea the face 🙂 People say friends do come and go but the memories made are to stay. I knew that the time will come where we will be going on our own journey and routes.Time will heal but will you forget me as time passes by? YMCA has been definitely a blessing to me. Yes i do have close friends but still they are the local ones. What about the internationals? When they become one of your closest ones, how does it feels when you have to depart from them and leave them to go back to your home country? Yes,,we say we have all kinds of media to keep the relationship going but still, it’s lacking of the real touch isn’t it? I just had to let them go no matter what. There is a friend, a good one. Can’t say much but he has been truly a blessing and God knows how is he doing right now. Just hope that he has found himself a great future and are happy with it. NExt will be my awesome mini family which were and are the closest to me when i was in America. Internationals YES!! ASIANS YES!! no discrimination, just purely friendship and love. They were the best among all. Always there for each other. Planning sleep overs and meal times. Eating together, sleeping together, playing together, working together. The TOGETHERNESS is always there. Where could you find such people? And now they are all back to their hometown and some is even still working in America. Hope to meet them soon in the nearest future. I definitely will not stop making new friends and adding to my loop is just a challenge.

Memories were made and i know that my grandchildren will have lots of grandma stories 😀 thanks to my awesome lifehood adventure.

SAMSUNG CSC be my friend and everything will be OK 😀


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