New Life As A Working Adult | carol_herbert

So if you have been following my post i have left this wordpress dead like for ages. Now i just got back my mood to pen down what i would like to express myself and i hate it as being an adult is so hard. Yes i graduated like last year and went to USA blah blah blah. Now when it comes to the real deal..yes working and earning money and paying bills and loans..It takes forever and ended up i feel exhausted at the end. But the real deal is how you cope with all of this adult chaos and live a life that is extraordinary. I like to read and write English. As i am forced to speak Mandarin at work, i try to make sure that i spare a lil English in my ME time. Working in my company is quite interesting. Basically my job as a human resource officer, well i didn’t really know what was i doing till like the second week of working. I am in-charge in dealing with foreign workers and doing like permits, insurance and the work goes on and on. Enough said i am dealing with foreign workers all the time. My leader, she has an interesting attitude where she can super nice and super mean at times. Depends on the work load and pressures from different areas. But she is an awesome woman and a diligent worker to my eyes. She has taught me well and i am trying to follow her foot steps. My bigger bosses are a bit quite a mixture in personality. It came to my realization that no matter where you are rooted at, you will find different kind people with different kind of attitude. You will just have to live with it and manipulate it to survive.

Working YES!! a phrase that nobody likes because you need to wake up early and work. You look forward for the weekends just for some relaxation and time for friends and family. For me, yes i am so looking forward for weekends and church. I am so called a freak!! Need to go to church like every week. Some people might say you christian go church !! SO MALAYSIAN,,oh my your ENGLISH…please lah!!!haha,.,anyways i love to be in church surrounded with people of the same faith, fellow-shipping and yea definitely being in God’s presence. I love to be refreshed every week and if i could serve, i will do it. Since God has called us to be disciples of the nation, so why not start like NOW!! i mean i have already started my race since like young. So challenge yourselves and be a light for HIM.

In conclusion, as high as a mountain i hate working, still i know that having the right attitude will bring you to success. My pastor always teaches me to be the light of the company. Be the one that stands out and be a blessing as always. You can be the change wherever you go and you will be the one people sought for. I am trying to change and to be mature and YES!! GROW Up up UP and away..haha..I am still in denial and prefer to be a care free pre-adult but still i need to grow. Adults are pretty cool but the challenges are definitely greater.

download Pray like a child and meditate like an adult 😀


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