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Healthy thinking leads to a healthy body ❤ “You’re trying to carry everything in your life by yourself. And you are falling under the weight of it but that was never God’s intention. He doesn’t want you to carry it yourself. You can’t do it, only God can do that. And that’s what he says, He says: “I never meant for you to go through this by yourself. I wanna go through it with you. I wanna carry it for you.” ― Lacey Mosley Talking about weight and health? Could you please change the channel? Excuse me? You talking to me? Most of the time we get this kind of responses which are practical these days. I mean God has given us the wisdom to know what is right and wrong.  Wisdom? What the world are you talking about? Okay, let me define wisdom. According to, wisdom simply defines as the quality or state of being WISE or having  knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgement as to action.

Being human we are always in denial.Correct? I sometimes find myself in denial in so many situations. Whenever the topic of losing weight and exercise  arise, my mood just PuFFF!! Hello MARS. I mean to be honest i love outdoor activities and the IDEA of losing weight. The hard thing was getting fit and maintaining it at all time makes it even harder to focus on. My mum is the one who always pushes me to go and exercise and be healthy.I started at a very young stage where i was always eating healthily at home and my evenings were booked for some exercise time. Its either i will be jogging or playing badminton. Its all for a good cause. Now i am 24 years old and i realize that my parents did educate me well on this topic.

I managed to keep the exercise mood on in university where i enrolled myself to go swimming. I don’t know how to swim and thank God for good friends, i knew how to swim now. You can throw me in the ocean full of fish and i can still swim and find my way back. I also went for gym every weekends and played badminton with my coursemates. I really had a good time exercising. The real deal was, am i eating right? My parents are always concern by my eating habits and whether i eat healthily. I had to cook my own meals most of the time so they weren’t too concern. When my final year of my undergraduate came, it was a disaster. I had no time to cook healthy meals as i was always in the computer lab doing stuffs. Ended up i was eating out most of the time. It was so bad that i gained weight like a lot.

Enough said, after graduation, time to Stay strong and eat Healthy!! I went jogging and non-stop exercise exercise exercise. HAHA..i hated it but it’s for a good cause. I don’t want to end up being a potato and full of diseases when i get older. I want to be fit and healthy and always on the go to do things. Thank God i enrolled myself in a work and travel program. It had benefit me a lot. I lose like a lot of pounds..FOR REAL!! I was active and went for hiking and did a lot of exploration. I also didn’t like the food so i ended up eating fruits most of the time. For almost 4 months that was my routine. Happy and content with myself , i managed to bring down my weight and felt lighter. Just to encourage you all, being fat and unhealthy is a very bad thing you can do to your body. Always think twice before you eat something that could cause a danger to your health and remember what you eat now will affect later.


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